Have you noticed a problem in your cat and don't know how to fix it?

Do you always sleep?

Do you find him apathetic and does not react to stimuli?

Discarding a health problem could be domestic boredom.

In the most sensitive cats, boredom can develop into anxiety and stress.


The solution is


High quality kitten toys made of eco-friendly ABS plastic with a non-slip base.

Rounded edge design for safety. 


UFOMOUSE™ hides and automatically grabs the cat's attention.

A truly unique interactive cat toy is the best gift for a cat.

Fully automatic with 4 speeds and auto power off.

Simulated mice are like prey.

The self-rotating little mice attract your cat all the time, hunt down mice, exercise the cat's mobility,

and bring endless fun to the cat. 

Four adjustable speed modes to simulate hunting game - 4 different speed settings to choose from:

fast, slow, medium and random.


The 10-minute auto-off function prevents the cat from over-excitement and keeps the game engaging.

The mouse moving on this cat toy can entice cats to catch it and improve the cat's movement.


UFOMOUSE™ is easy to use , just press the power button on the interactive cat toy to get to work,

and the no-plug design reduces tripping hazards.


Interactive cat toy, using silent track technology, low noise.

Cake-shaped design for easy battery operation and installation.