Are you looking for a healthy and wholesome way to remove fleas and unwanted parasites from your pet?

Don't want to use chemicals or medicinal products on your pet's fur?

We have the solution .


FLEASHOCK™ is the pet friendly comb that is specially designed to remove fleas, lice, and ticks,

safely and painlessly.



Made of solid ABS shell and tightly constructed stainless steel teeth,

the grooming comb protects your puppy without discomfort or harm to your pet.



FLEASHOCK™ even provides a soothing massage while removing pests.

Releases a gentle charge that stuns fleas, lice and ticks, and removes them from your pet.

No chemicals, pesticides or toxins.


FLEASHOCK™ features gently rounded edged stainless steel teeth and adjustable combing angles.

The ergonomic handle of the pet brush ensures maximum comfort.

The non-slip silicone handle is easy to grip, and the smooth stainless steel needle makes grooming easier and




Applies to all pets, long-haired or short-haired dogs or cats, ideal for thin and thick hair or sensitive skin,

with a single row of teeth that makes it easier to see what you are combing.

Reusable and easy to use, simply comb your pet!




◾ Gently removes fleas, ticks, lice, and eggs
◾ Provides soothing massage while combing
◾ Rounded stainless steel teeth
◾ Includes 1 FLEASHOCK™