Obesity is a very dangerous disease that affects almost half of

domestic dogs and cats:

the cause of many diseases and related problems, it

especially puts at risk cats who tend to be lazier

and risk gaining weight more easily.

Want your cat to be at risk of serious illness due to its inactivity?


We have the solution!




Your cat won't stop playing

Eliminate the cat's sedentary lifestyle

Beautiful game for cat

With catnip

ROBO FISH™ has a clear and realistic fishy appearance, making it easy to catch cat's interest.

And the electric wagging fish move the tail to attract the cats to catch them,

let your kitten deeply crazy about it. 




ROBO FISH™ is made of plush fabric, soft and comfortable, perfect for biting, chewing and kicking.
Not contain any toxic and harmful material, and it is healthy and safe for your lovely cats.


ROBO FISH™ looks like a real fish, an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty on her paws

and engaged in real time, alleviating boredom and loneliness when you are away from home.

Once you turn ROBO FISH™ on kicks just like a real fish when touched. Stops itself when left alone!


When cats wanna play, it's ready. You don't have to think about turning it on or off.

Fun toy with hands-off operation.


ROBO FISH™ is rechargable. Simple to use.

No batteries necessary, which is great! It comes with a USB cable, charged quickly!

Besides, Every Fish Comes with Extra Pouch of Catnip Goodness!


Filled with organically grown catnip, 100% catnip inside.

The ROBO FISH™ toy has a strong, aromatic fragrance that stimulates your cat to play.

Keeps the cat busy when you're not around.



ROBO FISH™ toy looks like real fish, it will make a lot of fun between you and your cat.

Made of cotton and short plush, it's soft and will not do harm to cats' paws.

Stuffed with catmint that can make your cat excited and relieve your cat's mood and stress. 

ROBO FISH™ will bring your cat a lot of pleasure and feel less lonely when you are not at home.

Good choice for pet owners and can enhance the relationship between you and your pet.




ROBO FISH not contain toxic and harmful thing and material, and it is healthy and safe for pets. 

With high-quality material,this ornament is durable and not easy to damage.

The fish shape design comes from the nature of cats which can attract the attention of cats

to let them spend much time on it.

ROBO FISH™ can accompany cats to spend the boring time when the owners are not at home.

Toys can let cats do some exercise which is beneficial for their health,

and it can ease the unhappy mood and release the pressure.



      1 x ROBO FISH