Is your cat tired?

Is he bored? Stressed out?

Would you like a toy to stimulate his mind and his mobility?

A too sedentary life can give him health problems, did you know that?

But today with the product we present to you your pet will be able to have fun and move.


We have the toy for him!



It will stimulate the cat's hunting instinct.

Keep him busy with the game.

Keep your cat physically and mentally healthy.


Advanced appearance design, feather&LED light, electric

moving everything kittens loves, integrated in UFOCAT™.



The speed can be changed with 3 modes.

Slow, normal, accelerated.

You can choose the right speed of the feather popping out from the holes to keep your cat occupied.



In the smart mode, UFOCAT™ can be triggered by the slap of your cat, it can play with your cat anytime she wants, helps release the cat's bad emotion.

As the best accompany of your cat at the day time, amuse cat 5 minutes every 4 hours and get into sleep mode automatically at night, won't bother you and your family.



As long as you press the POWER button at the bottom of the cat toy, the UFOCAT™ will emit: yellow, blue, and purple light.

In the dark, the kitten will be crazy on it. 


UFOCAT™ with slow, normal, fast speed, it can also automatically change direction when colliding any obstacles such as wall, chair, door, etc.

Which make cats even more excited to chase balls and exercise.



While the cat is playing, UFOCAT™ can very effectively clean the cat's hair on the ground and keep your floor clean.

It’s exhausting keeping kitty entertained, let our automatic UFOCAT™ do it for you! 


The feather in UFOCAT™ will play "hide and seek" with your cat.

It will stimulate the cat's hunting instincts. 


Keep them busy with playing.

Let your cat stay healthy, mentally and physically. 


360° UFOCAT™ design has ideal shape even for multiple cats playing.


The feather will pop out randomly from every direction, and there is 3 kind of speeds mode:


  • high
  • medium
  • low

which you can choose by yourself.



Long press "power" button 3s, blue light is on for 5s.

UFOCAT™ will enter sleeping mode after working 5min, and it can be reactivated by itself every 4 hours in the daylight and reactivated by touching(only daylight).


It will sleep automatically at night, and no disturb for your nice night sleep. 



UFOCAT™ uses a superior motor that produces a very low sound. It moves randomly, and turn automatically when encounter obstacles.

Don't worry your UFOCAT™ will be stranded in the corner.



Automatic Exquisite breathing Light can Indicate the UFOCAT™ is on what kinds of mode. 

More over this toy inbuilt rechargeable 500mAh lithium battery, which can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours, bringing your cat 2~3 hours of fun.



  • 1 * UFOCAT™
  • 3 * Fearther
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 5 * Cleaning Circles
  • 1 * Tweezer
  • 1 * User Guide