Are you seeking an interactive solution to stimulate and engage your beloved feline companion? 

Our gravity-driven cat toy keeps your furry friend engaged with a swinging rod and mesmerizing ball motion. 

Watch as your cat's hunting instincts kick in, providing physical exercise and mental stimulation. 

Combat feline boredom and alleviate stress with our interactive toy designed to keep your cat active and entertained. 

Prioritize your cat's health and happiness with our gravity table tennis toy that promotes exercise and improves coordination.


Introducing GRAVITYCAT™

GRAVITYCAT™ is designed to stimulate and engage cats in several ways.

The swinging motion of the rod encourages the cat to use its natural hunting instincts

and engage in physical activity.

As the cat bats or paws at the rod, it sets the toy in motion, providing an opportunity for exercise and play.




The unpredictable movement of the swinging rod and the balls whit catnip inside the hollow base,

can intrigue and challenge the cat's cognitive abilities.

It can keep them mentally stimulated as they try to predict and interact with the toy's motion.




The swinging motion and interactive nature of GRAVITYCAT™ can provide hours of entertainment for your cat.

It can help alleviate boredom, especially for indoor cats, and provide an outlet for their energy.




As the cat interacts with GRAVITYCAT™, it promotes the development of reflexes, coordination, and agility.

It can enhance their motor skills and improve their overall physical dexterity.


Engaging with GRAVITYCAT™ can help alleviate stress and anxiety in cats.

The physical activity and mental engagement provide a positive outlet for their energy and

can contribute to their overall well-being.




In terms of health benefits, GRAVITYCAT™ encourages physical exercise,

which is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing obesity-related issues in cats.

Regular play with GRAVITYCAT™ can also help improve muscle tone, joint flexibility,

and overall physical fitness.




Additionally, the mental stimulation provided by GRAVITYCAT™ can help prevent behavioral problems

that may arise from boredom, such as excessive scratching or destructive behavior.

It can offer an engaging and entertaining activity that redirects the cat's focus and energy

towards a more appropriate outlet.  


Overall, GRAVITYCAT™ can provide both physical and mental stimulation, 

contribute to the cat's overall well-being, and offer a fun and interactive playtime experience.