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Laser Cat™ Funny Pet LED Laser Toy | With Bright Animation Mouse Shadow

🌈 Do you want to have fun with your cat?

😟 Are the games you have boring and outdated?

😸 Would you like something stimulating and nice

🤷‍♂️   But you don't know what to choose?

We'll think about it!   

Laser Cat™





Laser Cat™  is an interesting interactive kitten chaser.
Laser Cat™  can be used as an interactive toy for pet toy training, sports and entertainment to satisfy your cat's curiosity.
It is safety and provide endless fun and sports for your pets and relieve theirs anxiety.





Laser Cat™ 

This is a kind of tool that can make your lovely cats excited. It is a fantastic tool for cats because you can play with your cats with variations.It is also capable of helping you and cats to exercise. 





🔹Laser Cat™ Pointer Light Pen Interactive

🔹 Toy Portable Creative and Funny Pet Cat Toys

🔹 LED Light Laser Pointer

🔹 Pen With Luminous Animation Mouse

🔹 Toy for Small Dog and Cat






Laser Cat™  with three different images to stimulate your cat's curiosity. 


🐾 Footprint 🐾
🐁 Baby mouse 
🐟 Little fish 


 Incredible fun guaranteed! 





1. Emits a mouse, fish or paw shaped laser beam animation with great visibility
2. This cats toy will make hours of fun for both the cats and the owner
3. Cute animation is visible on the most of the surface including on light colors
4. LED light is harmless to eyes without hurting dogs and cats's eye
5. The color of the mouse projection is lavender.

✔️Technical specifications:

Size: Approx.78mm x 13mm
Color: Pink, Silver, Blue, Red, Yellow (different color with different animation)
Batteries included: 3 x LR927 button cell batteries
Material: Aluminum and plastic
Focal length: Within 1 meter, Projection distance is about 1 meter



✔️Package Included:

1 x Laser Cat™ Pen

📌 100% Brand New and High Quality