When your cat is bored there is a need for stimulating play to keep him busy.

A simple and colorful game that is very fun.

A simple gift that your pet will love.


Fun spring game!

A little mouse made of faux feathers that rocks.

With spring and suction cup.

Your cat will have a lot of fun!


Here is for you




Not sure how to entertain your cat?

SPRING MOUSE™ is the solution!

A cute little mouse made of feathers with spring and suction cup. 

You can attach it wherever you want to make your kitten happy.  



Use SPRING MOUSE™ to stimulate your kitten's movement!

Domestic cats need to move, otherwise they can become obese and develop pathologies.

You don't want your cat to become overweight do you?

Then give your cat moments of leisure and fun! 


You will get colorful SPRING MOUSE™, they could entertain your kittens with random bouncing movements,

and make your cat spring into action with much joy.

It’s good for your health to get your cat to exercise after playing.


SPRING MOUSE™ can be attacked on a smooth surface, on the floor on a table, fixed,

or inserted on a cat turntable.

It has a wide range of uses.

It is more convenient for cats to play and can move at any time.


You can also hold SPRING MOUSE™ in your hand to tease the cat, accompany the cat every day,

let the cat rejuvenate, enhance the feelings between pets and cats to interact more interesting.

If the suction cup is not sticky, it can be used after being dipped in water.

The feather variant is available for those who want it.