Did you know that a cat who drinks too little water can face a range of health problems?

Proper hydration is essential for your feline friend's well-being.

Ensuring your cat has access to fresh, clean water is essential.

Discover how DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢, our ceramic cat fountain, can help encourage your pet

to drink more and avoid these potential health issues.


Here are five key points highlighting the importance of ensuring your cat drinks enough water.


ā—Urinary Tract Health: Inadequate water intake can lead to urinary tract issues,

including painful infections and even the formation of crystals or stones in the bladder.

ā—Kidney Function: Water is crucial for maintaining healthy kidney function.

Dehydration can strain these vital organs, potentially leading to chronic kidney disease.

ā—Digestive Health: Insufficient water can result in constipation,

making it uncomfortable and difficult for your cat to pass stools.

ā—Temperature Regulation:Cats rely on water to regulate their body temperature.

Dehydration can make them more susceptible to heatstroke, especially during hot weather.

ā— Overall Vitality: Hydration is fundamental to a cat's overall vitality.

Proper water consumption supports healthy skin, a shiny coat, and a robust immune system.



DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ is crafted from high-quality natural ceramics, fired at 1300 degrees.

This environmentally friendly and non-toxic material ensures the safety of your beloved feline companion.

The fountain's circulating water design not only adds oxygen to the water but also entices

your pet to drink more, promoting their overall health.



DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ features a dual filtration system - mechanical and chemical.

The mechanical filtration comprises foam filters around the pump,

preventing pet hair and debris from entering the pump.

The chemical filter, with activated carbon and charcoal, effectively eliminates bad odors and impurities

from the water, ensuring it's always fresh and inviting for your cat.



Designed for peace and tranquility, DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ operates on a low-power 2W circulating pump,

directly connected to your home's AC power supply.

The minimal noise you may hear is the gentle sound of water trickling through the filters into the reservoirs,

ensuring your pet isn't disturbed while enjoying a drink.



With a stylish appearance, DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ seamlessly integrates into your home decor.

It's not just a functional pet accessory; it's a tasteful addition to your living space.

With a generous 1.5L (50.8 oz) capacity, DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ provides enough water for your cat to stay

hydrated for more than a week without the need for frequent refills.


Its sturdy ceramic construction prevents accidental tipping, making it ideal for households with active cats.

The ceramic material not only enhances the fountain's durability but also makes it easier to clean.

Unlike plastic fountains, ceramic doesn't retain stains or odors, ensuring the water quality remains pristine.

Your pet will always have access to clean, fresh water.



DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ is equipped with an ultra-quiet shock absorption pump.

This feature allows it to operate silently, even at night, ensuring both you and your pet enjoy a restful sleep without disturbances.

DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ keeps the fountain perpetually filled with water, so your cat always has access to fresh, flowing water.


This not only ensures the water is consistently fresh but also encourages your pet to drink more, promoting their overall well-being.

Invest in your cat's health and well-being with DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢, the ceramic cat fountain that provides clean, oxygenated, and inviting water.

Make hydration a pleasure for your feline friend and ensure they stay healthy and happy.



Get your DRINK FOUNTAINā„¢ today and watch your pet enjoy the benefits of a constantly

refreshed water source.