Cat's brush for massage and hair removal.

During the moulting period it is necessary!

Avoid your cat from regurgitating hairballs.

Your cat will love the massage you give him.


Here is the solution to your problems





MASSAGE BRUSH™ are designed for cats, aiming to bring comfortable using experience to them, their curved heads are able to effectively protect the cat's skin while in using, they will feel ease and show less reluctance to smooth their fur.

People will find it easy to use MASSAGE BRUSH™ to remove their pet's loose, tangled and matted fur, the brush is also suitable to deliver a sense of message to your pets, stimulating their skin for better blood circulation.

The handle of MASSAGE BRUSH™ is designed in a cat shape, which has high recognition and adorable looking.

There is a hole in the middle of the handle, people can easily hold it to do the cleaning work, secure and practical.

MASSAGE BRUSH™ can be applied to most pets, the pet massage combs are made of quality ABS, the teeth are soft and gentle for sensitive skin.

Easy to remove their furs and massage their skin, either thin and thick or sensitive skin is appropriate.




MASSAGE BRUSH™ works very well for getting hair off the cats, even very fine hair.

Massages your cat in the gentlest way possible, leaving a healthy and shiny fur, free from tangles & knots.

MASSAGE BRUSH™ which made of premium ABS plastic teeth with high quality rubber comb needle.

The pet grooming comb is ergonomic design, light and flexible, gentle on your pet's skin.

MASSAGE BRUSH™ is easy to hold in your hand, and its non-slip design fits right into your fingers, allowing you to handle it comfortably.

MASSAGE BRUSH™ works well on long, medium & short
haired cats, and works great also on dogs, bunnies & other pets.