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Pet Nail Trimmer™ | Nail clippers for dogs and cats with safety LED

🐱 The time has come to cut your cat's nails.

🤷‍♀️ Don't cut them if you don't know how!

 ❓ Did you know that cat and dog have a bloodline inside the nail?

😿 If you don't know how to cut his nails, it could cause him harm and pain.

💪 But don't worry, there is a solution!



 😸 Pet Nail Trimmer™



Pet Nail Trimmer™ It is not a simple pet nail clipper.

It is a professional accessory that will allow you to take care of your cat or dog's nails without fear.

With Pet Nail Trimmer ™ it is easy to find the blood lines, prevent splashing, sharp and durable, easy to trim pet nails.




The highlight LED light illuminates the blood line to prevent an incorrect and painful cut.



With small file for finishing and transparent baffle to prevent nail shedding around the house.






  • The sharp stainless steel blade makes trimming more labor-saving, and the half-moon design is more suitable.
  • The transparent baffle prevents the trimed nails from splashing randomly, and it can be removed and cleaned more conveniently.
  • Long standby time, in normal use, it is expected to be available for a whole year.
  • Weight: 120g
  • Color: Blue or Pink
  • Size: 150MM * 43MM
  • Material: ABS, stainless steel
  • LED: Yes
  • Applied for: Cats and small-breed dogs


✔ Package

  • Paper box with 1X Pet Nail Trimmer™



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Pet Nail Trimmer™





With Pet Nail Trimmer ™ you can't go wrong!

Your pet will thank you!