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FUN TUNNEL™ Cat's game | Resealable tunnel | Double entry | Different colors combinable

😾 Does your cat meow every day because bored?

🤦 Have you bought a lot of games for him but don't care?

🤷 Do you think no game can grab his attention?

😖 Maybe because you got the wrong game!

Don't despair! We have the solution! 






😻 Your cat will love playing with our tunnel

🐈 He will be able to roll and have fun with the hanging balls 

😹 Fun and health for your kitten!

🌿 With a plush ball and a catnip container ball! 





🐾 Cats like indoors, have you noticed? Boxes, drawers ...

🌼 Playing is part of a cat's nature.

* Our toys put your cat in a lasting enthusiasm for play and stimulate her interest in catching. 





 💫 Possibility to join more tunnels with our MERGE TUNNELS

😺 For even more fun!






🔸 Calming effect, your cat will feel safe inside.

🔸 When you are not playing, you can pack it up and not occupy your space.

🔸 A ball can be hung in the middle of the tunnel to increase the fun of the cat.

🔸 Your cat will have a lot of fun!

🔸 Material: Nylon

🔸 Extensive galleries, embedded in crackle crinkle paper and toy ball rattle.

🔸 This tunnel folds small in seconds for easy travel and storage.

🔸 Ability to connect multiple tunnels to build paths.