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CAT FEEDER™ | Divide drinking from eating whit style!

🍽️ Colorful and functional cat feeder

🍛 With crumb collector

😸 That will allow you to keep your home clean  

🥣 With double bottom to collect the croquettes


❗    Does your cat spread kibble all over the house when he eats?

🤦 Whenever your cat eats the kibble from the bowl, does she always scatter them around the house?

🧹 Would you like a tray that, in addition to containing water and food, allows you to keep the house clean?

🤷 You always wonder if there is a way to do it ...


👌And we have the solution for you!






With our CAT FEEDER™ your cat will always have water and food available in one tray.



In addition to this, thanks to the double bottom the croquettes that the cat will bring out will fall inside, and you can collect them comfortably and without waste.

No more croquettes scattered around the house will save you time.




😸 With our CAT FEEDER™ you can have a clean house and your cat happy.

💯 With a practical compartment for collecting croquettes so as not to waste anything!


Buy CAT FEEDER™ now and make you and your cat happy!

 In 3 beautiful pastel colors!