Your cat and dog are shedding hair

The whole house is invaded by it

Not sure how to brush dead hair off your pets?

Have the brushes used so far not given good results?

Here is an innovative and easy to use brush that will solve the problem of lost hair from your pets. 




SWEET HOOK™ has two ways of use.

Use the 16 double rounded teeth for thinning and shredding the hair and the other side,

with 16 small teeth, to clear the mats deep into the fur.



SWEET HOOK™ is designed to effectively get rid of all loose hairs, knots, and tangles from your pet’s coat.


It is an affordable yet handy tool that lets you give your pet professional-grade grooming at home.


Unlike other dematting tools for dogs that come as a set with interchangeable heads,

the 2-in-1 head design of SWEET HOOK™ gives you the same convenience from a single unit. 


It has more rounded blades on one side for de-matting and razor-sharp blades

on the other side for de-shedding.


Thanks to its high quality stainless steel blades, 
SWEET HOOK™ is resistant to rust, stains and odors.

It is also super durable for long lasting use.


Its smooth blades are also easy to clean, you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth

or rinse the comb under running water after use.



This is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use dog or cat grooming tools thanks

to its ergonomic anti-slip silicone handle.


SWEET HOOKgives you a better, more effective grip for less strenuous combing.

The handle also has an eyelet for convenient hanging/storage after use.


SWEET HOOK™ is especially ideal for long-haired pets.

Its long blades effectively reach into long hairs making it ideal for breeds such as Golden Retrievers.


The smooth rounded edges of the blades are safe for pet skin,

giving them a comforting massage during dematting and deshedding.

Get one today and make grooming time fun!



SWEET HOOK™ eliminates matted fur, knots and tangles!

Use the teeth of our dematting comb for cats and dogs to thin and remove loose fur, dander and dirt.


The other side of this dog detangler comb effortlessly removes knots and mats

so your pet can look and feel it's best.


Reduce shedding by brushing your pets with SWEET HOOK™ for dogs and cats.

Using this de-shedding tool for dogs and cats routinely promotes blood circulation, healthy skin, shiny coats,

and clean floors!


The blades of SWEET HOOK™ are rounded to gently massage your pet while removing unwanted hair.

Made with rust-resistant stainless steel, the teeth on SWEET HOOK™ are sharp enough to untangle

without scratching, cause pain or irritation!


Besides removing hair well, SWEET HOOK™ is easy to clean!

Our cat and dog comb for matted hair, tangles and knots is lightweight and made with a non-slip

rubber grip for comfortable grooming.


Great for pets of any size, breed or fur type! 



Get even the nastiest knots out with ease!

SWEET HOOK™ has a no-slip handle to give you a firm and comfortable grip.