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MASSAGARCH™ | Comfortable Arch Cats Massager

😾 Is your cat bored?

😿 Is your cat stressed out?

😺 Looking for a way to make him happy?

😸 Do you want an accessory that satisfies him?


We have the solution to your problem!

Today we introduce you to MASSAGARCH™



MASSAGARCH™ is designed to scratch and satisfy your cat.

Design suitable for all types of furnishings.

With floor pulls scratches.



Perfect for cats of all ages, puppy, foldable, save space and easy to carry.

Multi use-cats self groomer & massager, cat groom brush, scratcher and play toy, keep kitty entertained for hours.


MASSAGARCH™ is a self-groomer, massager and toy all in one!Allow your cat to comfortably groom fur while rubbing the brush and make your home hair-free. 


Base lets him freely scratch & stretch to keep your furniture safe from his claws.

Nice Cat Toy for your little kitty. 



MASSAGARCH™ with durable bristles massages kitty while removing excess shedding hair.

You don't need to use cat brush to remove her shedding hair any more. 



MASSAGARCH™ self grooming and massage station with scratch pad and catnip is AWESOME! 



MASSAGARCH™ combine the function of cat self grooming massager, cat scratcher board and cat toy.

Keeing kitties entertained for hours. 



MASSAGARCH™ contains bristles that gently remove excess or loose hair from your cat when they rub up against or pass through the archway. 

And the bristles act as a soothing massage for your cat as they rub up against the top and sides of the arch. 


Cat Scratching Board. The durable carpet base provides an outlet for scratching to promote healthy claws by removing debris and old layers of nails. 

Having an accessible scratcher for your cat or kitten also helps to protect your furniture.



MASSAGARCH™ is great to add daily exercise to support toned muscles and keep your kitty active and healthy.



MASSAGARCH™ requires no tools to set up for hassle free assembly. Just insert the 3/4 red part into the hole.