You have a problem with your cat's litter box.

You always find the house full of litter sand.

Are you looking for a way to keep your home cleaner?

But you don't know what to do?

Are you tired of spending time collecting and vacuuming stones and crystals scattered around the house?


Today there is a solution! 




Every time your cat uses the litter box, does it scatter a lot of silicon crystals around your home?

CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™ with 10mm diameter double layer.


Large holes and honeycomb design will work well to trap sand or crystals that will fall off the cat's paws.

The quality of life has gone up greatly because no more getting litter stuck to my feet on a daily basis!



CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™  with the washable material,

you could clean it under sink head or shower head.


The bottom layer is anti-slip, it will stay in one place once you have placed it.


CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™  with the honeycomb double layer design, the bottom layer is waterproof

and urine proof, no need to worry about your hardwood floor and carpets from pesticides

and nasty urine stains.




The 4-compartment solution, in addition to avoiding the crease defect, allows easier and

greater cleaning of the double bottom of the carpet.


It will be sufficient to empty the pebbles collected from the cracks and wipe with a damp

cloth that we provide.

If you want, you can also vacuum up the pebbles in excess.



CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™ it has been manufactured with non-toxic materials to safeguard

your pet's health.


CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™ we thought first of all about the health of your pet,

the material of the hygienic mat first of all it is made of softeva rubber, so as not to damage

the delicate paws of the kitten.

Furthermore, the rear part is non-slip and adheres perfectly to any floor.




CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™ it is scratch resistant, the holes are designed to clean the cat's

paw when it comes out of the litter box, collecting the sand without the nail being able to get stuck.

CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™ can also be used as a mat under the bowl, but if used as a mat outside

the litter box, it is absolutely a waterproof mat that collects the cats stones when they come out

of the litter box after doing their own business, dirtying the house .

It can be considered to all intents and purposes a cat toilet mats.

The bottom of the mat is non-slip and remains fixed in the bathroom under the litter.



CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™  cleaning way is just pickup the mat and all the litter falls through

and then dump it back in the box.

And you don't have to shake it out.

CRYSTAL COLLECTING RUG™  are made of durable EVA material, non- toxic and PHTHALATE free,

soft on kitten 's paws.

According to our customers' feedback, kittens would like to walk on our mats, even have a snap on it!