Glitter pendant for cats and dogs with customizable writing | Pet Accessories

🐾 Glitter collar pendant

💍  Beautiful and in different colors

⛑  Keep your pet safe

🏰 Make it find its way home






  • How many times a day do you take your dog for a walk?
  • The fear that you will pull yourself by dropping the leash is great.
  • How many times a day does your cat leave the house?
  • Does the thought that you go too far and lose your way home make you sick


❓ Have you ever thought about putting a tag with your name, phone number and address on his collar for his safety?

No? It is time to do it! It could happen that your pet runs away at any moment and can no longer find his way home.


🤩 But there is a solution!

🐾 Our beautiful customizable colorful glitter pendant!





In this way, even if unfortunately your pet escapes 🤦‍♀️, he will always have his home address with him.

Whoever finds the animal will be able to call you and bring it back home.

 Don't wait for your dog and cat to get lost! Give him the homecoming pendant immediately.



🐱 Beautiful to see but essential for your peace of mind!





Style: Pet ID Tags
Shape:  Paw Glitter
Color: Silver / Gold / Rose Gold / Black/ Green /Purple
Customized text: Name+Phone number+address
Size: As the picture shows


Package Include 

1 *Pet ID Tags