Corrector soft for hallux valgus | Protection for men or women



Before resorting to the operation 🩺 try our product.

  • An unbearable pain and a very annoying cosmetic defect. We are talking about hallux valgus, alas, a very common pathology that causes deformation of the foot such as to move the head of the first metatarsal away from the others.

  • Hallux valgus is a problem that mainly affects women in adulthood, not due to a genetic predisposition. These are mainly congenital or acquired causes, which worsen over time if neglected.

  • The Soft corrector for hallux valgus is a brace in an elastic and non-slip band to be placed under the sock, designed to accommodate the interphalangeal axis of the big toe. It is an effective solution to block the subluxation process that causes the annoying foot pain, supporting the weight of the body correctly.

  • Thanks to the correctors it is possible to reposition the big toe in its happy position. Similarly, separators and retractors can undoubtedly improve things by intervening promptly on the problem, that is, before the inflammation is too pronounced.



Material         :  Gel

Packaging      :  1 Pair/Opp bag

Size                :  All in one size


✔️WHEN and WHY you need Toe Separator:

1.Suffering from bunion pain, corn or blister, toe overlapping, toe drift, callous toes? We recommend you to give this toe separator a try. We would not disappoint you with the quality product and money back guarantee

2.We came up with the idea to combine a toe sleeve tube with a gel cushion separator based on lots of research and collections of customers' feedback. The soft fabric coated toe protective sleeve tube is lined with gel inside and a medical-grade gel cushion by one side. The toe sleeve tube could make toe cushion stay at the place while you are walking or running, protect your toes and nails from rubbing and frictions and keep the toe straight. The gel toe cushion part could separate the big toe from other toes and realign your big toe from hallux valgus and overlapping

✔️How to use it:
1.Could be worn on either foot for the big toe or 2nd toe. With the narrow side of the gel separator facing inward, put the sleeve on your big toe or 2nd toe and turn the cushion between the two toes.
2.Could be worn with bare feet or in socks. It would be better to build up a progress of wearing them all day. At the beginning, you could wear them at home for bare feet. After you used to them, you could wear it in shoes all day.

✔️Warm Tips:
1.If there is any irritation problem or wounds on your feet, stop using them and consult with a physician first
2.For the sake of hygiene, we suggest to changing into a new pack after 45 days at most
3.Personal products, please do not crossing using
4.Wash: hand-wash with warm water and soap, then air dry. We recommend applying some baby powder on the gel part when you find it sticky
5.Works better in shoes with larger toe box

6.Do not use them if there are any wounds on your feet. If there is any irritation problem, stop using them and consult with a physician


The gel material flexs for your either foot, so one size fits most. The length of the tube sleeve is designed for the big toe and 2nd toe. Just remember, if you wear it on the big toe for several days, the gel insert might be shaped with your big toe and this one might NOT fit the 2nd toe now, which means please do not cross using between toes, or persons.       


✔️Reusable and Washable:

Come with 2 pairs and you would have a spare when the other pair is cleaned. The gel part was well-glued on the fabric; we promise a 100% money back guarantee if it falls apart. They are hand-washable and reusable. For the sake of hygiene, We suggest to changing a new pack after 45 days at most.


✔️Packaging   list  : 

1 Pair/Opp bag

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