The warm season has arrived and your pet is not drinking?

If your pet doesn't drink enough he can run into serious health problems,

the most serious being dehydration, which can lead to serious damage to his kidneys.

It may be that standing water in the bowl does not appeal to him as many cats

prefer to drink from running water.


Have you tried to give it water but just can't?

If the animal does not drink, a couple of days are enough to be fatal.

Don't risk your pet getting sick.

Do not waste time.

There is a solution to this problem and it is called





WATERCAT™ can storage 2.4L water at once, it guaranteed pet get enough pure clean water

without frequently fill.

The top fence helps protect from water spilling, 360°drinking surface design is ideal for homes

with multiple pets.

With this capacity, no more worries who can feed our furry little friend while you away.



WATERCAT™ helps to make your pet drink more by attracting him with the movement of the water.

A valid aid in the hot season, it helps your pet to hydrate well.




WATERCAT™ ensured that pet will be able to drink for one month or multiple pets for about 2 weeks.




WATERCAT™ we use safer, non toxic and BPA free PP resin.

This high quality material ensure that the water fountain is not only durable

but also provide safe clean water for our furry friend.



And we use easiest installation design, it can makes the water fountain be dismantled for deeper cleaning.

Cleaning everyone once 2 weeks is highly recommended.



WATERCAT™ has the newest pump.

With this super quiet pump, our furry little friend won’t get disturb during drinking.

And our smart pump provides anti-dry protection and the water level window

and water indicator can help you keeps track on the water usage.





WATERCAT™ comes with 3 high quality cotton carbon filters, which can removes bad taste and odors of water,

and pump’s guard lid, it can catches water sediment,hair and debris in the water from damage the pump.



With our double filtration system, it can keep the water cleaner and fresher for days.

And the 4 different water flow design helps fully satisfies your pets' different needs for water. 




WATERCAT™ is focus on bring pet’s and owner some easy-to-use and affordable product. 



Specification: Size: 188*188*149mm Square or circle

  • Material: PP resin + Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 0.6-0.9kg
  • Capacity: 2.4L/80 Oz
  • Power supply: DC 5V 1A
  • Power: 1.5W
  • Recommended pet type: cats and medium/small dogs



1. The fountain pump only with USB charging port not including AC Adapter (PURCHASABLE SEPARATELY)

2. There are no on/off switch for the light

3. The charcoal filter should be changed every 2 to 4 weeks.

4. Fountain should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks.





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