Is your cat bored?

Are you looking for something that stimulates his imagination?

Are you looking for something to make him move and to stimulate his intelligence?

A sedentary lifestyle in cats is a problem that can become serious if not followed up.


But we have the solution! 




TURN TREATS™ dogs and cats toy, keeps pets mentally and physically active while they play. 

This interesting toy can replace the owner's company, and can make pets exercise

and keep the body healthy.  



For our pet friends, playing with this balance swing car treat dispensing toy has lots of fun. 

TURN TREATS™  it always staves off their boredom and relieves their anxiety.


It is also an easy way to make the pet active every day,

helping your pet control their weight and reduce the likelihood of health issues such as arthritis, hip dysplasia

or obesity-related problems such as diabetes or heart disease.



TURN TREATS™ features slow and active eating.

It helps protect the pet’s gastrointestinal health while extending the playtime.



TURN TREATS™ it's designed to boost the intelligence of cats and dogs.

The toy can swing back and forth when your pet nudges it.

What’s more, pets can play with the toy together and have more fun.  



The treat will be released once your pet figures out how to control the force and angle.

With this interactive treat dispenser, our furry friends get smarter.  



TURN TREATS™ is designed with a self-weight balance system and will not be knocked over by pets.

When your pet nudges it, it can be shaken back and forth to attract your pet.


No electricity required.


The toy has wheels on both sides.

When being pushed, it can also move forward and backward due to its rolling wheels.

To put your pet’s favorite food or snacks into the toy, you just need to unscrew the transparent shell part. 




TURN TREATS™ is made of eco-friendly and food-grade ABS material, which is safe,

sturdy, wear-resistant and durable.



TURN TREATS™ can also relieve pets' anxiety and improve pets' IQ.

The toy can prevent pets from demolishing their homes and will not damage homes

and clothing when they are at home.

Our interactive treat dispensing dog & cat toys conveniently uses your pet's favorite dry treats or kibble.




Unscrew the transparent shell part of the product, and you can put cat food, dog food,

pet snacks into the toy body.

When the toy is shaken back and forth, snacks will leak out of it, so that it can attract pets' attention.

TURN TREATS™ is removable for easy cleaning.

Rinse with water or tableware cleaner, then drying before using.