Cats love looking out of windows.

They like comfort and cramped spaces.

He likes to observe everything that happens outside the home space.

But sometimes the windows are too high for him.

Are you looking for a way to have your cat snoop out of the windows and at the same time.

Let him relax in a comfortable kennel?

We have what he does for you.




SUNNY KENNEL™ is a suspended hammock attached to the glass of the windows with powerful suction cups.

Your cat will be looking forward to jumping on it and resting in complete relaxation.


SUNNY KENNEL™ can be set up and removed in seconds onto your window glass with the 4 big suction cups.



Please NOTE: The minimum window size needed for this perch is W 24x H 26 inches.  

Basking in SUNNY KENNEL™, your pet cat avoid moving again and again as long as the sun didn't go down.



Well, it's also space saving SUNNY KENNEL™, without taking up valuable space in your home,

your cat can also enjoy a front view of nature while basking.



Orange light cat hammock made of Oxford cloth, cat's body temperature won't overheat because

of this cat bed cord's air permeability; in winter, add a mattress on SUNNY KENNEL™.


SUNNY KENNEL use high quality 3.35 "diameter suction cup.

The thickened steel wire has stronger bearing capacity.

The steel wire has no burrs and does not hurt the cat.



Industrial strength suction cups of SUNNY KENNEL hold up to an amazing 20 kg. 

Your cat must jump in and jump out of this resting seat, which is another kind of exercise,

keeping good healthy of your cat. 



  • Material: PP, PVC, Nylon
  • Size: 55*35cm
  • Load: about 20 kg
  • Color: as the picture show
  • Weight: 625 g Package
  • Include 1 x  SUNNY KENNEL™