Are you looking for a comfortable shelter for your little pet?

A warm and comfortable lair?


Do you want to beautify your hamster cage?

You are in the right place!


Today we introduce you 



BEDSTER™ is warm and comfortable lair retreat, colorful and cozy.

Your little hamster will feel safe and secure.

He will be able to rest by eliminating accumulated stress.



BEDSTER™ hideout tunnel and bed pads are made of soft coral fleece and arctic fleece that is soft to touch,

giving your pet a sense of warm and cozy feeling when sleeping or playing inside. 




BEDSTER™Super soft fabric with high warmth index, comfortable and soft nest,

unique the sandwich design allows pets to sleep more comfortably. 




BEDSTER™ is flexible and convenient to suspend and use, and four zinc clips are convenient for fixing.

A hammock, two small pets, make full use of space and promote pets' feelings. 




BEDSTER™ is washable and reusable, you can wash them by hand or washing machine.

Please remove the metal hooks before laundering.



BEDSTER™ to rest on the top floor or hide in the nest, and the tunnel hammock satisfies their nature

of running back and forth in the tunnel, bringing more fun to the pet's life.


BEDSTER™ are not only a good place to rest and play for small pets but also a adorable

decoration for the cage.