ROTO CAT™ | Automatic activity interactive toy

  ▪️ What can be the most common causes of stress in cats?
  ▪️ The changes, albeit minimal, of the surrounding environment.


😡 Separations in families or new arrivals at home.
  ▪️ Lack of stimuli in the environment where he lives.
  ▪️ Absence of stimulating games capable of stimulating his feline instinct.

🙀 In the long run, these negative stimuli can become a real disease.
🤷‍♀️ So how to solve the problem giving relief and well-being to your cat?

We have the solution!



ROTO CAT™ satisfy your cat's need for exercise.

This is an interactive cat toy.

Chasing the irregularly moving floating feather toy provides physical and mental entertainment.


ROTO CAT™ can easily rotate clockwise and counterclockwise 360 ​​degrees.

Stimulates the cat's natural hunting instinct, more tension and flexibility to turn.

It takes away boredom and stress by preventing motor damage over time due to lack of movement.


ROTO CAT™ plate contains a blue ball, so you can also put some catnip or snack in the toy plate,
which can attract little kitty's interest.

It stimulates the cat's curiosity and keeps intellectual abilities healthy. 


ROTO CAT™ can chase the ball played in the rotating plate, and pet owners can hold the cat's stick to interactively entertain with cats.

Removable rotating bar for more fun with your cat!



ROTO CAT™ works with 2 AAA batteries installed, the duration is 15 minutes, so you can let your pets play with it (battery not included in the package).

The base and foothold of ROTO CAT™ is made of ABS material, which can last for a long time, without fear of scratching and pushing lovely cats.


ROTO CAT™ is designed with four non-slip mats at the bottom, this automatic interactive cat toy cannot be easily pushed by kittens, which can also prevent the floor from being scratch.



1 x 



Say goodbye to your cat's boredom!