Domestic cats suffer from stress, boredom and irritability.

This is because the sedentary home life does not help them.

You think of being alone in the house all day, would you not get anxiety, boredom and stress?

But today we propose the solution to the problem! 




The interactive ball with lights and sounds!




ROLLING BALL™ has been designed to play bird sounds as research has proved

that the sound of birds are very stimulating to a cat.

Hearing the sound of birdsong can improve your cat’s happiness and mental well-being and encourage

them to be much more active.

The sound can easily be switched on or off whenever you wish.




ROLLING BALL™ as well as birdsong, our toy can emit LED lights that regularly change colour.

This is designed to attract the attention of your cat as their natural curiosity will make them

want to play with it and will also stimulate their hunting instinct.



We use LED lights instead of laser beams to protect your cat’s eyes as your cat’s health

and well-being are extremely important to us.



Another feature of our exciting ROLLING BALL™ is its ability to move.

The toy can move backwards and forward, change direction, and rotate on the spot,

even on surfaces such as carpet.



Most cats love to try to catch moving balls and this auto-rotating toy is guaranteed

to keep your pets busy and make them want to play for hours. 




ROLLING BALL™ is very quiet when it is moving as its tyres are made from rubber which

produces little to no sound at all when in motion. 

The low noise means that your pet can play with it during the night without disturbing your sleep. 



Also, the toy can run on most surfaces such as carpet or wood flooring which means your

cat can have fun anywhere in the house.



cat toys interactive ball


ROLLING BALL™ is made from high-quality ABS material which is drop-proof, scratch-resistant,

and suitable for even naughty cats.

All materials are sterilized at a high temperature first to make sure that your cat can have fun safely.

We only provide the very best and safest cat toys for you and your furry friends. 



ROLLING BALL™ has detachable protective rubber Shell, easy to detachable and clean it,

(all accessories have sterilized at high temperatures.)

And it is made of eco-friendly ABS & Rubber material to keep your cat healthy. 




ROLLING BALL™ has low noise when your cat play with it, which are resistant to scratching and biting.

We only provide you safe cat exercise toy. 



ROLLING BALL™ has silent mode and birds sound mode.

They all have Irregular rolling & rotating and colorful LED slow flashing light effect.



After hundreds of our tests and debugging, cats will be very energetic when they hear the

ROLLING BALL™ sounds of birds.

The Kitten are also not scare with the sound. It also make more fun for the cats. 




We provide 2 different cat wand toy attachments for our ROLLING BALL™,

which include long feather, short feather with bells, when the toy works, it will irregular 360° rolling. 




Even if your cat are alone at home, they will have fun with our ROLLING BALL™, no worry they will feel boring. 

Rolhave 500 mah rechargeable battery.



Built-in large capacity li-on battery, environmentally friendly, with universal mini USB charging port,

can be charged by adapter, computer, power bank, etc. 




ROLLING BALL™ no need to replace batteries, plug in the cable 1.5h, up to use about 10h out of power.

If your cat stopped playing, it will automatically switch on standby mode after 75s.

It can be activated by touching and making sounds nearby. Otherwise will automatically shut down

after 6 hours. 



ROLLING BALL™ comes with 2 pcs of feathers and 1 poles, 1 USB charging cable. 

The automatic cat toy keeps your cat moving by helping him to lose weight,

and to consume his excess energy.

ROLLING BALL™ let your cat play with himself when you are busy and away from home.