Cat obesity is a health hazard.

If you have a cat at home, you need to know the risks.

But also the causes and symptoms that should not be underestimated in obese cats.

Obesity is a very dangerous disease that affects almost half of domestic dogs and cats.

The cause of many diseases and related problems, it especially puts at risk cats who tend to be lazier and risk gaining weight more easily.

Want your cat to be at risk of serious illness due to its inactivity?



We have the solution!




A little robot that will entertain your cat for hours and hours of pure fun!

Your cat will enjoy doing healthy movement!



Press the control button and this interactive ROBO CAT™ will entertain your kitty for hours.

There is no cat that doesn't love this automatic ROBO CAT™ that keeps rolling up and down.


Since the movement is irregular it will keep your cat entertained for as long as you want.

The Interactive ROBO CAT™ is easy to install.





ROBO CAT™ helps your cat relieve their stress, reduce the destructive behavior,

draw your cat's attention easily and arouse their curiosity.

Making your cat enjoy the fun and keeping your house tidy.




ROBO CAT™  Has everything a kitty wants, red light, perpetual movements, arms.

The robot will automatic spinning on the floor firing the red laser,

three different toys in one for your cats to play.




ROBO CAT™ will automatically rotate on the floor while firing the red light by moving the limbs.

Its rotation will attract the curiosity of the cat who will never stop playing with it.


Kitties will show great interest and be crazy about

our ROBO CAT™ in a second.

With string ears light pointer, has a feather liked string ears attached on the top, spinning along with arms,

tumbler's rotation.


Its ears will be crazy to turn, rapidly arise your kitty’s attention.




The robot model has built-in tumbler function, which can motivate the cats to play. 

When ROBO CAT™ starts to work, the sound can promote the cats hearing, attracts the cat's attention.




Stimulate the cat's capture nature, letting them become the best hunter.

It needs 2 AA batteries. (Not included)