WATERBOT™ | Practical travel bottle for dogs | Comfortable and colorful | Pets Products

🐕‍🦺 At least 3 times a day you need to go out with your dog.

🌞But in the summer season your dog needs to drink!

❓ How to do?

💦Simple, with our practical and convenient bottle for dogs!






🟢 How many times, during the walk with your dog have you noticed that the animal was very thirsty? It often happens in the hot season.

🟢 But how to do it?

🟢 Making your pet drink from a bottle is very uncomfortable, not to mention the weight!



✔️ We have the solution.



🐶 WATERBOT ™ is a practical and efficient portable bottle for dogs, with mini drinker for a comfortable drink by your pet. 



💦 During the outings, at any time of the day. 



🐶 Stop thirsty, make your dog happy and enjoy the walk with him!






✅ Feature:

  • Portable and practical: WATERBOT ™  is ideal for walking and traveling with your dog or cat.
  • Quick and easy to use: with just one click, the water will come out of the hole.
  • Compact size: quickly provide your thirsty pets with fresh water when walking outdoors, hiking, traveling.





  • A perfect travel bottle of water for pets.
  • High quality material.




Your dog will love it!