The cat is known to be a close carnivore.

However, especially the free spirits who live outdoors do not say no to one or two blades of catnip to stimulate digestion and to expel hairballs from the stomach in a natural way.

Cats living in apartments spend up to 60% of their day grooming and caring for their fur.
No wonder some hair ends up in their gastrointestinal tract!

Hairballs are not only annoying, they can also be extremely dangerous to their health and lead to constipation.

While free spirits living outdoors stimulate their digestion in a natural way by nibbling blades of grass, it is difficult for our house cats to do the same.

Many of them, driven by necessity, fall back on partially poisonous houseplants.

That's why cat lovers should always make a vase with catnip available to their feline friends!

Use it and you will see how many benefits!



For this we have for your cats 




GREENCAT™ can care and nurse the stomach and the digestive tract for cats. 

The leaves of peppermint are rich in chlorophyll.

The cat can not synthesize itself so the cat will eat it automatically to supply vitamins to keep healthy.



GREENCAT™ can clean teeth, improve oral hygiene, prevent oral diseases and maintain a clear smell

by chewing mint leaves to strengthen the relationship between you can your cats.



GREENCAT™ to interact with cats can let the cat be friendly with people, feel comfortable

an relax and ease the anxiety mood.

You can also use the catnip on the old toy to arouse the cats' curiosity to save the old toy.



GREENCAT™ is natural and does not contain non-toxic things, and it is harmless and healthy for cats.

GREENCAT™ has a tempting  aroma to attract your cat into play time.

Will encourage playful behavior, watch them purrrr, scratch, and meow for hours of fun.



GREENCAT™ is good for your furniture by saving them from any scratches: mint helps it

to accept new toys or scratching trees more easily.




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