REMOBRUSH™ | Hair removal brush for dogs and cats

😸 During the moulting period, dogs and cats shed a lot of hair.

🌞 This happens to adapt to the external temperature of the change of season.

🥴 However, it happens that all the dead hair is dispersed into the surrounding environment.

🤯 Do you find yourself in the situation of having your house full of fluff from your pets?

🥺 Would you like a solution to this problem?
🥳 We have the solution!
🤩 It's quick and easy.




✔️ With an oar you can remove a lot of dead hair from the body of your animals with a few brushes.

In this healthy way you will avoid, especially in cats, the formation of the dreaded hairballs; dangerous for the health of the animal and you will make the coat smooth, clean and soft.



✔️ With REMOBRUSH™ 4 "deep stainless steel teeth, your pet will lose up to 95% of dead hair.

Your furniture and house will be hair free! 



✔️ REMOBRUSH™  has detachable comb head, can be effortlessly removed and installed.

Super easy to clean, simply press the quick-release button and the brush head will get automatically detached.



✔️ Durable rubber handle for anti-slip grip, ergonomic design allow you to have control of the pet brushing tool, brush your pet’s long or short hair easily and effectively.

REMOBRUSH™ is durable and strong, fit in hand perfectly.




✔️ REMOBRUSH™  is made with durable and rust-proof stainless steel. Quickly and easily removes loose undercoat hair.



✔️ REMOBRUSH™ Increase skin blood circulation.

The material is specially cold forged to prevent rust and bluntness, and it will look like new every day.



✔️Two Ear dematting tool makes grooming a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

With REMOBRUSH™ you'll keep your pet shiny and home hair-free.

Suit for all kinds of dog cat and pet.




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