Does your cat meow every day because bored?

Have you bought a lot of games for him but don't care?

Do you think no game can grab his attention?

Maybe because you got the wrong game!


Don't despair!

We have the solution! 


Cats who love to play will love this cat tunnel!

Small and cute, and easy to store.

There are hanging balls inside, increasing the entertainment of the product.

Pets can rest and play in the tunnel.



Cats like indoors, have you noticed? Boxes, drawers ...

Playing is part of a cat's nature.

Our toys put your cat in a lasting enthusiasm for play and stimulate her interest in catching. 




Two tunnels can be linked by buttons, and it is longer and more interesting.

The internal steel wire is strong and the steel wire is spirally arranged.

 All of them support the tunnel and will never collapse. 


When you are not playing, you can pack it up and not occupy your space.

A ball can be hung in the middle of the tunnel to increase the fun of the cat.  

Calming effect, your cat will feel safe inside.

When you are not playing, you can pack it up and not occupy your space.






    Combinable with another tunnel for more fun!

    Thickened durable material and non-deformation frame: good material for long term use and have great fun.

    Colorful appearance could catch cat's attention:  bright color polyester could drew cat's attention

    and interest quickly.



    Cat could explore more fun through peep hole and hanging ball, could have very good interact with human.

    Tunnel is foldable to carrie indoor and outdoor, It's convenient to open and close.

    Your lovely cat can play with it indoor and outdoor.