Have you noticed that your cat is bored and stressed?

The cause could be boredom.

Stressed and bored cat means being more easily sick.

For this, you must try as much as possible to help the cat have fun and play.

Give him a colorful and joyful toy.

It will allow him to relax a bit and overcome boredom.





KITTEN PELUCHE™ is filled with catnip and we choose the more breathable fabric

to allow your cats smell the catnip easily,

and make your cats be more interested in palying with them. 




KITTEN PELUCHE™ is stuffed with soft PP cotton and natural

catnip-fine suture of this cat toy makes it durable for biting.

Don't worry it will be chewed up.




KITTEN PELUCHE™ reduce your pets' boredom and separation anxiety by killing time

with the chew toy and the catnip toys for cats.

Are ideal for cats to play indoor or outdoor. 




KITTEN PELUCHE™ will attract your cats' interest and encourage their natural instinct.

Keep your cats active and happy while they are playing with these adorable toys.  


Do you want your cats have more fun?

KITTEN PELUCHE™ is a good choice.


Made of short plush and sponge, this item is super soft and will not do harm to cats' paws.

The cat design toy looks cute, it will make a lot of fun between you and your cat.




A perfect gift for your lovely cat.

So, don't miss such a good chance.

Made of short plush, sponge and catnip.

It's soft and will not do harm to cats' paws and will not pollute the environment.




The size of KITTEN PELUCHE™ is suitable for lovely cats to play with stuffed with catmint that can make your

cat excited and relieve your cat's mood and stress, a good choice for your pet.



This funny KITTEN PELUCHE™ will bring your cat a lot of pleasure and feel less lonely when

you are not at home.

Good choice for pet owners and can enhance the relationship between you and your pet.