Does your cat meow every day because bored?

Have you bought a lot of games for him but don't care?

Do you think no game can grab his attention?

Maybe because you got the wrong game!


What it takes is a game that stimulates his senses and helps him to move.

If you have looked for a similar product but you have not found it, we have what you need!






With a spacious tunnel, soft ball toy.

It provides times of exercise & self-amusement to keep their exercise in top shape and work

on their mobility and flexibility.



This cat tunnels for indoor cats is made of Nylon.

Nylon wrapped around a sprung-steel frame.

With an interior diameter of 11 inches.



This cat tunnels and tubes for indoors and outdoors is not just fun and comfortable

for your pets but also convenient for you as well!

Is so easy to fold and put away or take it on a trip.




They are great for small kittens which may be just learning to walk and explore, as well as older cats,

rabbit to encourage exercise.




The cat tube tunnel is the ideal pet tunnel and cat toys for indoor cats interactive,

which kitten loves playing hide and seek to make much fun.

There are one or two interactive cat toy balls hanging at the end of cat toys tunnel.



The wide tube and alluring ball attract cat play for long time, which could bring cat happiness

to forget lonely and burning calories for health.



The cat collapsible tunnel is very easy to assemble and fold within minutes.

The cat pop up tunnel also is very light weight and portable to carry or store.



There are several sizes and colors for choice, size from small pet tunnel, medium pet tunnel to large pet tunnel.

The length of play tunnel are 20", 35" and 45", which are suitable for living room, bedroom,

playroom or outdoor.