How can individuals with allergies or sensitivities to pet dander enjoy the companionship of a cat

without experiencing allergic reactions?


What can be done to eliminate the time-consuming and demanding aspects of traditional

pet care and maintenance?


How can individuals living in small apartments or limited spaces experience the joys of

having a cat when owning a real cat may not be practical?


How can pet owners with busy schedules and limited free time effectively care for and

engage with their pets?


How can individuals access an educational tool and research platform to learn about robotics,

programming, and artificial intelligence in a hands-on and interactive manner?






MARS ROBOCAT™ is a bionic pet cat developed by Elephant Robotics, designed to be a

fully autonomous home robot and a comforting and surprising robotic pet.


It doesn't require extra instructions to control its movements and is highly responsive to touch,

voice, and visual cues.

Each MARS ROBOCAT™ is unique, from its eyes and body to its personality.

The cat's personality evolves based on how it's interacted with.


It exhibits a range of behaviors like walking, running, sleeping, sitting, stretching, biting nails,

kneading, and even burying litter (without producing waste).



Different meows and gestures express various emotions.

MARS ROBOCAT™ is an interactive companion that can play with toys, respond to touch on its head,

chin, and back, and interact with nearby objects and people.


It can also engage with real cats.


Interactions evolve over time, with MARS ROBOCAT™ sitting, changing its eye image, or grunting

based on the duration of touch. 




MARS ROBOCAT™ offers a cat ownership experience without allergies or the need

for litter changing and cleaning.


It creates a non-allergenic and sanitary environment while being smart enough to take care of itself.




MARS ROBOCAT™ utilizes a powerful quad-core Raspberry Pi, allowing easy programming

and endless possibilities.


Users can create their own applications, change the cat's eye colors, and command it to act as desired.

Additional accessories such as clothes, hats, collars, and scarves are available for customization.



For individuals with allergies or those who prefer a clean environment,

MARS ROBOCAT™ provides a non-allergenic and sanitary solution.


It eliminates cat hair and dander, creating a hypoallergenic environment without compromising

the joy of having a feline companion.