MULTILEVEL TREE™ | Scratchproof tower for cats

🐾 Are your cats ruining your furniture, chairs and sofas?

😖 Do they keep scratching everything?

🐈 Theirs is a natural instinct that you can't avoid letting them do, it's a natural rule.

🤦 Are you desperate and do not know which solution to adopt?

😖 You want to save your sofas and furniture?


There is only one solution:





MULTILEVEL TREE™ is designed for cats to scratching, climbing, sleeping and exercising.

Kittens can sharpening their claws on scratching posts, lying around in well-padded cat perches, playing with fur balls and hiding in the cat condo.



MULTILEVEL TREE™ can enjoy their sleeping time in comfortable cat hammocks, safe cat condo and extra soft viewing perches.

Every cat has their own favorite activity on our scratching tree.



The 2 well-padded cat perches covered by plush and filled with soft cotton, they are like two cat beds in mid-air for cats to lounge. 

Kittens with sharp claws can sharpening their claws on scratcher and scratching posts which covered with natural sisal.



The leaning cat scratching board can also help small cats to climb up to the higher level. Stability is always priority.

Crafted of heavy-duty particle wood, the strengthened base plates double secure the overall stability so this tall cat house won’t shake or fall when your cat jumps in or out.



The robust posts are made of high-density particle wood tubes which can bear lots of weight and hold all platforms firmly without any wobbling, ideal for large kittens and average cats.




Thanks to its anti-toppling fittings, high quality engineered wood and the reinforced base plate.

MULTILEVEL TREE™ will be a great companion during your cat's growth. 


MULTILEVEL TREE™ covered with high quality flannel easy to clean, fits in any room corner and perfect for small kitties/adult cats.

Equipping this cat furniture with detailed instructions for quick and easy installation.




MULTILEVEL TREE™ is a go-to spot for your cat to play, exercise, and relax. Multiple scratching posts reinforced with natural sisal rope will satisfy your cat’s instinct of scratching.



MULTILEVEL TREE™ is a perfect hideaway for your sensitive baby to enjoy privacy. Multiple layers and ladder also meet your feline’s climbing nature.

The top perch with raised edge feeds your cat’s desire to look out the window and to take a sunbath on sunny days