Cats and dogs also have the right to a comfortable and warm bed in order to rest.

Are you looking for a doghouse with these characteristics?

Something comfortable and warm that you can give to your pet?


You have found a product with fantastic features!

We present you a comfortable bed for your pets.

Warm and comfortable that will give your pet serenity and joy.






The shape design of bunny ears, CATCAVE™ with open entrance design function.

They are safe and comfortable in the nest.


The plush ball can make the cat play while lying in the nest.

It is a very interesting toy that burns pet energy. 



Cute figures will add a touch of cheerfulness to your home and they will make your pet happy and relaxed.

You know, cats love to close themselves to rest in small spaces, boxes and crevices.



With CATCAVE™ your cat will find a safe and welcoming place that will help him

relieve the stress of the monotonous life at home. 




The bottom of CATCAVE™ is designed with non-slip and waterproof materials,

which can fix the cat nest in a proper position, so that it can be placed freely on your tile and hardwood floors.

The bottom has a good anti-skid setting.