Have you noticed a problem in your cat and don't know how to fix it?

Do you always sleep?

Do you find him apathetic and does not react to stimuli?

Discarding a health problem could be domestic boredom.

In the most sensitive cats, boredom can develop into anxiety and stress.


The solution is




Feathers will be ejected randomly from the six holes. Cats can never get enough of the shooting feather fun.

4 in 1 nteractive cat toys, negative ion, track balls laser pointer, feather toy air purification.



Special cat teasing rod glowing cat ears the use of high-quality pc material, with a certain degree of toughness, wear-resistant, not easy to bend deformation suitable for a vaniety of cats.




Every time you work cat ears will automaticaly turn on to attract the atterntion of cats, and will automatically go off after 3 minutes.

Multibot™ will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of working.



Two adjustable cat toy Iaser angles can suit for different cats 360 Transparent protective window would more safer for pets.


Built in a negative ion generator, the low concentration of negative ions can freshen the air around the product.

Please note this function cannot be used as a home air purifier.




3 Automatic rotating speed modes

  • Slow
  • Speed
  • Fast