Discover the mesmerizing world of FAST LASER™.

The ultimate long range motion activated cat laser toy!

Your feline friend is in for a treat with this captivating and engaging playtime companion.

Here are four key points that will leave you eager to learn more.



FAST LASER™ brings boundless joy to your furry companions, stimulating their natural hunting

instincts and keeping them entertained for hours.

Watch as the laser toy intelligently activates whenever your cats or pets are in motion, ensuring

a safe and interactive playtime experience.


With adjustable fast and slow modes, you can customize the laser's movement to match

your pet's energy levels and preferences.

Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable battery, a silent and durable motor, and the top-notch

quality that FAST LASER™ guarantees.



FAST LASER™ is equipped with an advanced object motion sensor that intelligently activates the laser toy

when it detects cats, dogs, pets, or kittens moving around.

After 15 minutes of play, the toy automatically turns off to prevent overstimulation.


The sensor can only be activated once every 2 hours, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime.

The working range is 0-160 inches, providing ample space for your pet to play. 




Switch between two exciting modes with just one button! Quickly press the button to switch

between fast and slow speed settings.

If you want the laser point to move faster, simply set the product to a higher position.




FAST LASER™ allows you to set the laser head on different places of the base, resulting in a circling pattern

across floors or walls.

This stimulating motion taps into your cat's natural hunting instinct, keeping them entertained and active.




No need to worry about changing batteries frequently.

FAST LASER™ comes with a powerful 1200mAh USB rechargeable battery.

Charge it for 2.5 hours, and it will work continuously for 2 days! Please use a 5V/1A adapter for charging the toy.




The automatic rotating laser light features dual motors with precise gears design,

ensuring a silent operation that won't disturb your cats or you.

The durable motor meets the requirements of amusing cats while keeping the noise level low.




FAST LASER™ is designed with top-quality materials and has passed rigorous durability tests.

Stimulate their hunting instincts and provide endless fun while keeping them active and happy.


Get your FAST LASER™ today

and watch your furry friends chase after the laser for hours on end!