Tired of having to fill the bowl of treats and water every day?

Would you like a product that does it for you?

A product that renews food every time it is missing?

We have the product that will solve your problem.




Automatic food and water dispenser.




Natural gravity supply system.

New buffer design between the barrel and the chassis.

CATENSER™ are designed to release the food and water slowly.


Ensure food or treats provide a consistent supply and prevent splashing and spilling.

A perfect companion for pets.



Made of non-toxic plastic PP+PET.

Protect your pet's health.

We do not allow your little cute ones to be near unhealthy substances.



The appearance is not just beautiful, the product is also thick and durable.

The edges are very smooth.

CATENSER™ has a 30-degree tilt angle and a large opening design, which does not obstruct the food at all.



CATENSER™ 2 in 1 design ensures the food and water automatically slip down.

Stylish, safe, and secure. 



Easy installation at a Glance. Easy to use.




The glass bowl, floating disk, and the water bottle of the CATENSER™ can be easily cleaned

with its separation design and the non-skid rubber feet added to make it stable. 


1*Feeder, 1*Water Dispenser, and 1*Water tank partition.

Size of each Bottle:18oz & 10.2×8.3×11.8 inches(26×21×30 CM), Capacity: 1 Gallon. 

Every CATENSER™ is designed with original design, which make sure the water

and food can drop down fluently and wont leak everywhere.