Fake feathery mouse with spring and suction cup | Game for Cats

🧸 Fun spring game!

🐀 A little mouse made of faux feathers that rocks

🤩 With spring and suction cup

😺 Your cat will have a lot of fun!






🔹Not sure how to entertain your cat?

🔸This little game is the solution!

🔹A cute little mouse made of feathers with spring and suction cup.

🔸You can attach it wherever you want to make your kitten happy. 😸





🌠 With a rattle to stimulate your kitten's movement!

🙀 Domestic cats need to move, otherwise they can become obese and develop pathologies.

😵You don't want your cat to become overweight do you?

😻 Then give your cat moments of leisure and fun! 


😽 Your cat will have a lot of fun playing with our fake mouse!

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