Our dental hygiene is very important to live well and healthy.

That of our animal friends is no exception.

Even if the teeth of dogs and cats are not attacked by harmful substances such as sugars

that can consume the enamel, over time the tartar and plaque can still create problems.


Have you noticed that your pet has very dirty teeth?

Before a simple problem becomes a serious matter to deal with the vet with all

the consequences and inconveniences, we have a product that can help you.





FRESHTEETH™ have compact design works well on smaller dogs, cats, and puppies.

Also works great for larger dogs as long as your finger can reach their teeth.

Note: it ma not work as well on extremely small pets, such as toy breeds.



Adding a few drops of water inside FRESHTEETH™ makes the silicone expand for larger fingers,

and creates a seal for smaller fingers - no more slipping off in your pet's mouth!



FRESHTEETH™ made by silicone bristles are softer than traditional bristles,

but abrasive enough to remove plaque.

The gentle nature of fingerbrushes tend to be more accepted by pets.




FRESHTEETH™ can easily clean the entire mouth with just a few swipes, effectively reduce plaque and tartar,

prevent oral diseases, and instantly freshens your pet's breath.



FRESHTEETH™ with bristles are softer than traditional bristles, the soft bristles makes

pets feel the joy of brushing their teeth more.

But it has strong abrasion resistance, and has strong abrasion to clean the teeth.



FRESHTEETH™ allow the most comfortable cleaning experience for you and your pet.



FRESHTEETH™ is specially designed tool allows you more control than the standard

toothbrush and makes it gentler on your pet.



Easier for you to clean the hard-to-reach areas such as back gum line.



FRESHTEETH™ is made of food grade silicone, BPA and phthalate free,

ensure the health of pets when using dog finger toothbrush.