The stress of cats is also known to be caused by boredom and immobility.

Especially in domestic cats that have no stimuli and are always closed in the house.

Are you looking for a way to give your cat a touch of vitality and joy?

A way to make him do some stimulating and healthy exercise and movement?


We have the ideal solution.




Your cat will go crazy with joy when he sees ROTO TOWER™.

Many colored multi-storey towers with rotating ball.

Hours and hours of gameplay.


Our tower will help your cat move. 

Your cat plays and moves.



ROTO TOWER™ has 4 layers, and there is a ball in each layer.

The colorful design and rolling ball that can make a sound can arouse

the curiosity of cats to let them be willing to play it.  



ROTO TOWER™ can cost the most time and energy of cats, and your furniture can get away

from scratching by cats.

Cats can get more exercise through playing the turntable toy to have a healthy body.



ROTO TOWER™ can accompany cats to spend the boring time, help the cat to ease the unhappy moods

 and release the pressure to keep them healthy mentally.



    There are 5 colors, and you can choose the favorite one according to your hobbies and demands.