Have you noticed a problem in your cat and don't know how to fix it?

Do you always sleep?

Do you find him apathetic and does not react to stimuli?

Discarding a health problem could be domestic boredom.

In the most sensitive cats, boredom can develop into anxiety and stress.



This can result in excessive meowing, in outbursts of aggression not proper to his character and in the

constant desire for isolation.

In homes where several cats or various animal species live together, there is usually always the most "bully"

cat, the one who likes to annoy others.

However, if you notice that this behavior begins to be excessive, dissatisfaction and discontent could be the

real cause.

You need to find an immediate solution immediately!



That's why today we offer you the solution to your problem!




When FUNNY SNAKE™ escapes, the eyes will emit red LED lights, and the tongue will start swallowing,

especially at night, the fun is doubled, bringing cats a different gaming experience. 

Featuring 3D texture and vibrant colors, the segmented body ensures excellent sliding moves.



FUNNY SNAKE™ has a built-in infrared sensor, which can automatically sense obstacles and escape.   

The flexible action is very interesting, we believe that your child and cats will fall in love with this cute

interactive toy.



FUNNY SNAKE™ are made of safe and durable high-quality ABS material, the surface of the snake body is

highly simulated, smooth and burr-free. 

So there is no need to worry about hurting the baby and pet.



FUNNY SNAKE™ is an ideal choice for cats and dogs. 

It looks like a real snake, and as a prankster, it will add even more fun to party pranks.




FUNNY SNAKE™ adopts USB charging design, the time to fully charge is about 30 minutes, you dont need to

worry about ordering batteries. 

Tap the head of snake toy to active it and enable it to move.




Place your hand in front of the FUNNY SNAKE™ and the milk snake toy will start to slide forward. 

 The eyes of the FUNNY SNAKE™ will flash and will automatically avoid obstacles when it encounters them. 

The toy can flick its tongue and wiggle its tail.




FUNNY SNAKE™ is inspired by the North American milk snake, which has a beautiful pattern. 

Is a type of pet snake that is safe and non-toxic and likes to cling to humans. 

Approximately 15.75 inches in length.


FUNNY SNAKE™ is a great gift or fun toy for children and pet cats. 

Takes about 40 minutes to fully charge and can continue to play with your cat for over 60 minutes.