I bet you are looking for a product for your dog.

A game that makes your pet happy and makes him move.

A product that eliminates boredom and stress.

Would you like your dog to be always agile and agile?

Movement is health!



For this we introduce you  





CHEWABLE BALL™ is made of food-grade, odorless, non-toxic rubber material, durable and wear-resistant,

safe, harmless and suitable for your dogs, supporting aggressive chewers.

The rope is made of the same strong material.


CHEWABLE BALL™ won't broken if you correctly guide you lovely dog to use and chew it,

can last for a long time.



CHEWABLE BALL™ built-in bell and food leaking will attract the dog's interest and increase

the interactive taste effectively.



CHEWABLE BALL™ will help dogs kill boring time, relieve the anxiety and stress,

improve the pet's intelligence, as well discourage destructive behavior.



CHEWABLE BALL™ is designed for dog teeth grinding that equipped with

rubber granular cleaner and a double-layered sharp tooth cleaning structure.



CHEWABLE BALL™ helps your dogs rub off the tartar & plaque while they are playing happily,

improve the dog's oral health.



CHEWABLE BALL™ not only can it bring joy to your petiIn addition, this is also a good teething cleaning tool.

You can put the dog food in the ball, then dogs will try their best to eat the food, when the dog bites it,

the serration inside can clean the food residue in the teeth.