You have a nice cat in the house...

But you didn't think that cats instinctively need to file their nails.



Why do cats always choose sofas and furniture to file their claws? It is their natural need and certainly does

not correspond to a destructive instinct; but even if you cannot prevent them from scratching the surfaces, it

is possible to save the furniture. 


Getting nails is an instinctive behavior of all cats and should not be repressed, the animal that performs

this gesture is in fact not expressing anything destructive.

It is only keeping its claws in shape: then this habit has rather implications negatives on home furniture,

that's not exactly his business!


The problem is that he does it on every suitable surface to satisfy this need.

For this reason, finding nothing else, he started nailing the furniture, sofas and leather chairs of your home.

It is a big problem that if not indulged will lead to the destruction of your furniture!

Would you like to solve this problem now?

We have the right solution for this!

With our product your cats will be able to satisfy the instinct to scratch with their

claws while saving your furniture!


We present you 



CAT SCRATCH™ pad is made of high grade recyclable corrugated cardboard,

which is more durable and eco-friendly. 

Premium scratching textures provide unexpected snug touching experience, making it more

irresistible for your cats.


Simple and modern design fits for just about anywhere, including crates, floor and any room in your home.

CAT SCRATCH™ is build with a two-sided scratching pad, two-sides can be scratched,

making the scratching life last longer and more cost-effective, also can be used as a lounge to sleep

or have a rest and perfectly healthy for your adorable cats.



CAT SCRATCH™ comes with 100% organic grown catnip, you can put some catnip on

the product at the beginning of use, it will enhance the attraction greatly. 

Scratching surfaces is a great satisfaction: it removes the oldest part of the cat's nail, sharpening it.



CAT SCRATCH™ allows you to stretch the limbs, to do muscle stretching exercises and not least to release

pheromones thanks to the compression of the glands that the cat has between the pads of the paws.

Also, with the scratches, the cat is making that piece of the world a place of his own.


CAT SCRATCH™ serves to make a place reassuring. It is like the name and surname of a family on the doorbell:

the testimony that this is his home. 

Useless and counterproductive, therefore, to hinder it.


The only smart way to prevent your home decor from being affected by your feline's habits is to channel

these energies to the right objects. 



Place CAT SCRATCH™ exactly where the cat has already scratched or where he eats, sleeps and plays. 




Place CAT SCRATCH™ in the most frequented or usual places for the cat to rest.



CAT SCRATCH™ pad product provides the cat a place to relief stress and gain great exercise.

It helps to reduce unwanted scratching of your furniture, door and other household objects.



Size Measurement:

  • Fish: 28*15*2.5 cm
  • Butterfly: 21.5*27.5*2.5 cm 
  • Cat head: 23.5*24*2.5 cm
  • Other form: see the pictures